EU emissions will be reduced by 55 percent by 2030

EU countries and the European Parliament have agreed on a goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by at least 55 percent by 2030, according to a press release from the EU Council of Ministers.

“We are very pleased with the preliminary agreement we have reached. The European Climate Act nails the framework for EU climate legislation 30 years ahead,” Portuguese Climate and Environment Minister Joao Pedro Matos Fernandes said in a statement.

The agreement on the Climate Act also means that an independent climate policy council will be established, which will monitor developments and examine how the EU lives up to the goals that are set.

It is part of the outcome of the negotiations between the Council of Ministers, which represent the 27 Member States and the European Parliament. Negotiator, rapporteur, for the parliament has been the Swedish S-member Jytte Guteland.

“Based on science”

“Finally we can breathe a sigh of relief, now we have a climate team. I feel proud and optimistic,” Guteland said in a press release.

According to her, the settlement means net emission reductions of “about 57 percent”. Parliament’s initial bid in the negotiations was 60% by 2030.

“I would have liked to have seen us go even further and all the way to 60 percent gross. But this is a good deal based on science that will make a big difference to the climate,” says Guteland.


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