Ericsson is recruiting software developers in Linköping!

For many software developers, the opportunity to work at a global and industry-leading company is difficult to access. Now, however, the chance comes to Linköping, where Ericsson is investing heavily and recruiting a number of new software developers for its office.

In addition to Ericsson as a company being both industry-leading and innovative, the Linköping office is one of the leading groups when it comes to 5G development and technological leadership. In the middle of the large mix of newly graduated students and people with long experience, we meet two developers at Ericsson in Linköping. Hanna Snejder and Robert Constantin, two young talents who started their careers right here.

– Sometimes it is difficult to understand how much our work affects society. Every day I am involved in developing technology that everyone in society uses every day. It is dizzying to sometimes think about how our work can change the world. If, for example, we reduce the latency, we can in the future enable operations without a doctor on site. But also facilitate things like remote work and the expansion of smart cities, says Hanna Snejder, team lead at Cloud RAN, Ericsson.

Hanna Snejder, team lead at Cloud RAN, Ericsson.

Working at Ericsson means, just as Hanna says, working every day with technology that develops and affects society. For Robert, it was also a big reason why he applied to Ericsson from the beginning.

Ericsson is currently looking for more employees for Linköping, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Lund and Karlskrona. Do you want to join the journey? Search here!

– For me, it was and is very tempting to be a small cog in a larger gear. Ericsson is a major player in the market and here we are developing significant technology that is changing the world. And I’m a little cog in that development, says Robert Constantin, developer and tester at Ericsson.

“I can highlight what I am interested in and want to develop”

Ericsson’s work philosophy is based on shared knowledge. The individual and the sharing of knowledge are always at the center. Something that your immediate manager at Ericsson always supports you in and enables. If you as an employee raise your goals and desired development areas, your managers do what they can to help you.

– Since I started at Ericsson, I have had regular meetings with my immediate boss every two weeks. It is a moment set aside for follow-up and development of me, my role and my learning here. In those meetings, I get to highlight things I am interested in and want to develop, then we look together at how I can do it, says Robert.

Robert Constantin, developer and tester at Ericsson.

For Robert, his own interest and curiosity have led him between positions, areas and programs. For example, he has participated in Ericsson’s program Technical Talent, something he and Hanna have in common.

– I was recommended to Technical Talent, which is a program within Ericsson where employees throughout Europe can participate. In small groups, we had to decide for ourselves a project or a problem that we wanted to solve. It was incredibly rewarding when you could choose something you did not work with yourself. Among other things, we chose to investigate how the technology we have at Ericsson could facilitate different types of transport, says Hanna.

A place to be inspired

For everyone who is young in their career, development and learning in the workplace means a lot. As previously mentioned, Ericsson’s culture is based on shared knowledge and it is in turn shared between leaders, employees and friends at Ericsson.

– Everything is very dynamic here. Everything from learning to how we work practically. I work as a developer, for example, but during development, new technologies are implemented and you see how the entire product is developed and built on. It is very easy to be inspired and I am constantly learning new things, which is cool, says Robert.

The continuous learning within Ericsson manifests itself in different ways. Partly through what Robert and Hanna have already mentioned, namely the relationship with their boss and the encouragement and challenge you get through it. But, it also manifests itself through other activities and relationships within the company.

-Thanks to Ericsson being so big and global, you are never tied to a country, but I talk and collaborate with people all over the world, which is very rewarding. Then several activities are also arranged all the time where we get to meet others within the company and participate in Hackathons, develop various projects in Ericsson Garage (our local innovation garage) and implement various programs, Hanna concludes.

Ericsson is currently looking for more employees for Linköping, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Lund and Karlskrona. Do you want to join the journey? Search here!


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