Ericsson is recruiting in Gothenburg – looking for the innovators of the future

Working at Ericsson means that you are in the middle of the action, much of the future development in connectivity and mobility starts right here. For many, it means a journey in knowledge as well as through business areas and countries. Ericsson is now growing in Gothenburg and recruiting a variety of roles for the dynamic Lindholmen.

Ericsson’s office on Lindholmen is impressive to say the least. There, new technology, innovative solutions and knowledge flow freely in the large, open and bright corridors. Julia Jansson, Mirac Günes and Patrik Johansson hold different roles in the company, have different experiences and study backgrounds, but nevertheless agree on the reason why they applied for Ericsson – the development opportunities.

– I am a developer at heart and today I have a dual role as a cloud native developer / 5G architect. Knowledge sharing I came to meet in-house at Ericsson has been very rewarding, says Patrik. When I first applied to Ericsson, I was very curious about the opportunity to work abroad. Since I started, I have worked in New York, San Francisco, Montreal and Shanghai, which has also been rewarding.

“I help set the standard for the future, here and now”

Julia Jansson entered Ericsson for the first time 2.5 years ago as a newly graduated civil engineer in electrical engineering. A year later, she joined Ericsson’s global career program.

– During my time as a developer, I really got my eyes open for the complexity we have at Ericsson and Packet Core. I became fascinated by all the sharp people behind the technology that we take so much for granted in everyday life. I wanted to learn more about the collaboration behind it and therefore I applied for the global career program, says Julia.

The global career program is a program at Ericsson that gives employees the opportunity to test different leadership roles and further education both nationally and internationally within Ericsson. The career program is one of the initiatives Ericsson has developed to make it possible to explore different areas and roles. Julia believes that the rotations have further increased her interest and motivation.

– It is very motivating. I have seen Ericsson from several different perspectives. We are in a phase of launching something new and it is exciting to be part of the journey. I am helping to set the standard for the future here and now, says Julia.

Ericsson will grow and employ large numbers of people in 2021, including developers, testers and line managers. Do you want to accompany the trip? Search here!

A place for you who like to innovate

For Mirac Günes, a civil engineer in computer technology, who today works as a Solution Development Engineer, it was the potential of a global industry-leading company that first attracted him to Ericsson.

– I knew that Ericsson is a world leader in its industry in ICT. What attracted me was to work with state of the art technology. It is exciting to work with something that is so current and popular. Since I started, I have worked with 5G and now lately 5G in connection with Cloud native computing, it has been very rewarding, says Mirac.

For Mirac, the freedom around innovation and the easy access to further education has also been an important reason why he applied for and stays at Ericsson.

– We are many here who get new ideas or have projects on the side that we work on and here you can also realize them. We have, for example, Ericsson Garage, a dedicated office space in the building where you can work with various innovations. It can be a drone controlled with 5G, or a smart AI system that monitors hives to increase the production of honey. From time to time, we have hackathons where you get to test your way to solutions and it is really developing, says Mirac.

With a focus on personal development

Mirac has, just like Julia and Patrik during their time at Ericsson, participated in various projects and trainings.

– There are many opportunities for those who want to learn more and develop. We have virtual campuses and platforms where you can get certifications and complete various courses. I myself have taken courses in, among other things, cyber security and leadership. It is generally noticeable among internal leaders at Ericsson that the company invests in training. Everyone is well equipped for the leadership roles, says Mirac.

– It is a bit of the norm here that you regularly meet your closest boss and talk to each other about opportunities and development. It gives a chance to develop in the direction you want. It is modern, in the past the development paths were linear, but now the possibilities are endless for learning new things and tackling new roles, Patrik explains.

Ericsson will grow and employ large numbers of people in 2021, including developers, testers and line managers. Do you want to accompany the trip? Search here!


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