Ericsson is looking for software developers for Cloud RAN in Karlskrona

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Working with innovative solutions on a global level is part of a software developer’s daily work at Ericsson.

Having the chance to work at one of the world’s leading companies in information and communication technology is the dream of many engineers. Ericsson is now recruiting new software developers with Cloud Native / Cloud Radio Access Network expertise at the office in Karlskrona.

Today, 5G networks are implemented around the world and Ericsson’s Cloud RAN will play a key role in future network evolution. Philip Tennevall and Elisabeth Adelgren are part of this innovative work at Ericsson’s office in Karlskrona.

“You look at the latest technology with a mature eye”

– Even though Ericsson has more than 150 years of experience in the industry, they take advantage of the latest technology but look at it with a mature eye, something that a smaller company can not do in the same way. Ericsson’s focus has always been on working with technology that really changes, it motivates me every day, says Philip Tennevall Product Owner, Ericsson.

At Ericsson, technology is being created that makes life better for individuals and communities around the world. The legacy is rooted in technology, which speaks for itself when looking at the thousands of patents and innovations signed by Ericsson.

– Right now I work with the product Wallet Platform which is a financial service that facilitates people’s daily lives. At Ericsson, we work to offer user-friendly services and it is incredibly rewarding to see their products go live and used by the public, says Elisabeth Adelgren, Software Architect M-Commerce, Ericsson.

– Working with world-leading systems in itself means that innovation is part of everyday life, both in terms of the company as a whole but also at the individual level. At Ericsson, there is no stigma around it, but you are encouraged daily to influence and come up with innovative ideas, says Philip.

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Opportunity for challenges and skills development

Something that Elisabeth believes puts a golden edge on the daily work is, among other things, the innovation competitions arranged by Ericsson and the opportunity to create and submit patent applications.

– At Ericsson, you always get the support you need. We also have the advantage of working closely with patent engineers who provide the feedback required for an idea to be developed into a prototype and finally into a finished product. It’s cool to have that opportunity at her workplace, says Elisabeth.

As a software developer at Ericsson, you are involved in all processes that are linked to the creation and design of new systems. This includes everything from planning to design, coding and much more. Ericsson is happy to recommend its skilled software developers for future exciting projects.

The possibilities are endless

– Ericsson offers lifelong learning and a close ongoing dialogue with its immediate leader. I, who has recently become the leader of a smaller team, can consult and learn lessons from the person who leads a larger team, it becomes a form of mentorship. The same when it comes to technical issues, as you can be connected with an expert in the field. The best learning takes place word of mouth, says Philip.

At Ericsson, special interests and competencies benefit, the opportunities to delve into specific areas are always available. Philip highlights the continuous development talks with his immediate manager as a good platform for expressing his needs and setting goals together.

– Ericsson has exceeded my expectations when it comes to the opportunities provided for personal skills development. I myself got quite early in my career the chance to take on a leadership role. They gave me time to grow into the suit by offering various leadership trainings that have been very rewarding, says Philip.

“Ericsson feels small in the big picture”

Working at Ericsson means that you are part of a team that shapes tomorrow’s innovative technology. It is about a collaboration that extends across disciplines, borders and continents. The well-organized company structure gives the feeling of a small company with world-leading competencies.

– Ericsson feels small in general, you have a very close relationship with your colleagues and your closest managers, it feels familiar. It is built on small communities with line managers who are responsible for smaller parts. There is always someone you can ask if you want a second opinion, which feels good. Leadership, cooperation and community are a major contributing factor to my well-being, says Philip.

Right now Ericsson is looking more employees to the office in Karlskrona with expertise in Cloud RAN and software developers. Do you want to be involved in future innovations? Search here!

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