Ericsson continues its investment – looking for software developers for Cloud RAN

The market for software developers is exciting to say the least right now. Many want to work for a global company that puts innovation and development at the center. Ericsson is now recruiting a number of new software developers with Cloud Native / Cloud Radio Access Network expertise in offices around Sweden

Ericsson is one of the world’s leading companies in information and communication technology. Today, they work with various outstanding technical solutions and products that will play a key role in future network development. Carola Faronius and Przemyslaw Rzepecki work at Ericsson in Stockholm and they both agree that Ericsson provides the conditions required to develop innovative solutions.

– Today we work with the latest technology where cloud-based services are a central part, but also with machine learning, which today is seen as a state of art in our industry. These are important and modern systems that are sought after in the world and perhaps especially in the USA, which makes this an attractive industry, says Carola Faronius Principal developer RRM, Ericsson.

Working in a company that creates world-leading technical solutions is one of the reasons why Carola and Przemyslaw chose to work at Ericsson, another is that the company is Sweden’s largest employer for engineers.

– We work with everything from standard IT solutions such as Containers and Kubernetes to big data and AI. This requires key competencies and Ericsson is a good place to develop them, says Przemyslaw Rzepecki, Software Developer, Ericsson.

“We create tomorrow’s solutions every day”

Today, solutions are needed that are both flexible, flexible and adaptable. Ericsson trusts the employees’ experiences and skills, which creates an encouraging environment for innovation.

Right now, Ericsson is looking for more employees around Sweden

– We work with innovation at a number of different levels, in different forms and teams. Ericsson’s research unit focuses on academic research where, for example, 6G has been on the map for a long time. In addition, we have a technical systems department that works with prototypes where ideas from Ericsson’s own research form the basis for creation. Everyone is encouraged to come up with innovative solutions, says Przemyslaw.

Carola believes that it is easy to work with innovation at a company that is as encouraging as Ericsson is. The company houses a huge knowledge bank that is accessible to everyone.

– We build systems ourselves, which means a lot of architecture, this also means that we have the opportunity to change and redo as we want. We know tech and Ericsson are responsive when it comes to innovative ideas and proposals, says Carola.

A lifelong learning

– Today we work with the latest technology where cloud-based services are a central part, but also with machine learning, which today is seen as a state of art in our industry, says Carola Faronius Principal developer RRM, Ericsson. Photo: Private

– I believe that Ericsson is the best place to start his career. Although I have been around the world, I have never experienced a similar culture as at Ericsson, it is unbeatable and the development opportunities for a young engineer are enormous. The competence of the employees is high and they are not late in sharing their experiences, which is incredibly inspiring. It is a lifelong learning, says Carola.

Ericsson Academy has a wide range of training in telecommunications, but also training for specific products.

– I had the experience required in telecommunications since before and instead received courses for specific products. There are also opportunities to participate in external companies’ courses, and Ericsson also has its own trainee programs. The opportunities to learn new things at Ericsson are great, says Przemyslaw.

Lead by example

Przemyslaw believes that one of the most important parts of Ericsson’s corporate culture is leadership where you set a good example. Carola also points out that the open culture at Ericsson means that you are never afraid to question or be open with your thoughts and ideas.

We create tomorrow’s solutions every day, says Przemyslaw Rzepecki, Software Developer, Ericsson. Photo: Private

Ericsson has also made a major investment in technical leadership, a basic prerequisite for continuing to develop as an individual but also for Ericsson’s future technology development. Technology is considered at least as important as leadership.

– Seeing the competence of the technical leaders at Ericsson works as a good motivation for me. Their way of conveying visions also benefits the creative process. Working at Ericsson is challenging, exciting and above all rewarding. You really feel that you have the opportunity to change the world, which we also do in our daily work. What power we have, says Przemyslaw.

Right now, Ericsson is looking for more employees around Sweden. Within Ericsson Cloud RAN, we are now looking for people who have experience in computer architecture, Linux, Cloud technology and software development and architecture. Do you want to join the journey? Search here!

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