Deformed part – therefore the opening of the Hisingsbron is stopped

The opening of the Hisingsbron, the new bridge over the Göta River in Gothenburg, may be postponed. The reason is a serious error that was discovered in the construction, writes Göteborgs-Posten.

A deformed part of the frame of the lifting bucket means that the bridge, which according to the plan will open to traffic on 9 May, may not be suitable for carrying cars and buses.

– This means that before we release traffic next Sunday, we must know if the deformations have any consequences on the bridge, says Christer Niland, head of the department major projects at the traffic office, to GP.

Therefore, feverish work is now underway to investigate how serious the problem is and whether it must be remedied immediately or can wait until later.

– The reason why it becomes so critical is that we are so close to the planned time opening. A worst-case scenario means that we will need to change the time of the opening, says Niland.

Whether the bridge can open as planned or not will be decided on Monday.