Danes will receive fourth vaccine dose: “Should act”

Denmark will start giving a fourth vaccine dose against covid-19 to particularly vulnerable groups, according to Minister of Health Magnus Heunicke and the National Board of Health.

To date, only a very small group of Danes, including a number of arthritis patients, have been offered a fourth dose in an attempt to strengthen their weakened immune system against the coronavirus. But at the end of the week and at the beginning of next week, more people will be offered to be vaccinated with a fourth dose.

The Danes who are to be offered a fourth dose consist of cancer patients, patients with immunotherapy and people with immune disease. The group was among the first to be offered a third dose.

– They are well protected by the third dose they received in the autumn and winter. But if we see something that makes us believe that we should act, then we do it, says the National Board of Health’s Director General Søren Brostrøm.

Denmark is considering offering a fourth dose also to residents in nursing homes and the very oldest.


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