Increase productivity with intelligent pneumatics

The Zoned Safety concept simplifies the design of a redundant pneumatic safety circuit while meeting the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC and the ISO 13849-1 standard. The new ability to easily and cost-effectively design several independent safety circuits into a single pneumatic valve system can reduce the number of safety components by […]

Amorella ran aground – technical error was behind

It was a technical fault that caused the Viking Line vessel Amorella’s grounding in September, according to a first statement from the Finnish Accident Investigation Board’s investigation. During the grounding near the island of Järsö in the Åland archipelago on 20 September, the crew on the command bridge discovered that the ship was not behaving […]

Highly current training lifts industrial companies

In order for Swedish companies to be able to keep up with the fourth industrial revolution, skills development is required that corresponds to the rapid digitalisation. Here, web-based training can provide an important knowledge boost. Ingenjör 4.0 is a unique initiative where 13 Swedish colleges and universities collaborate to produce short course modules with content […]

The UK is investing in solar energy in space

Now the UK Space Agency and British authorities are investing money in research into radiating space-based solar energy to Earth. Previously, the concept of solar energy in space has already fallen on the high cost of launching large structures into orbit, but the development with a number of private players that have pushed prices means […]

Here are the misses that shorten Tesla’s reach

With a rim that is 2 inches smaller, your Tesla can get 15 percent longer range. And wide tires are a costly windbreak. This according to Engineering Explained, which has calculated how much energy small details can save. Even small changes significantly affect the electric car’s performance, and the trend with large rims is a […]

He contributes with international excellence

Sandvik’s organization for Strategic Research conducts research that helps industrial companies to take the step into the future. With international experts on site in Sandviken, the traditional working methods are being challenged. Carlos Bernuy-López is the Spaniard who, together with his wife, left his homeland for Scandinavia, to eventually end up in Sandviken and Sandvik […]

TitanX is growing in new business areas

One of the most important megatrends in the automotive industry is the increasing electrification, even on the heavy side. For the employees at TitanX, which is currently expanding globally, this means many exciting challenges. – This is a global company that operates in an exciting market. At the same time, the company is no bigger […]

US FAA lifts Boeing’s flight ban

After almost two years on the ground, the US Federal Aviation Administration is now lifting the flight ban on Boeing’s 737 Max aircraft. With certain conditions. The head of the FAA Steve Dickson now says that he is “100 percent sure” about the safety in Boeing’s accident plan 737 Max which has undergone a number […]