The Norwegian battery factory doubles capacity

Freyr has made the decision to form Giga Arctic, a merger of two previously planned battery factories in Mo i Rana. At the same time, the company is significantly increasing its long-term plan, and is now aiming for 200 GWh by 2030. Stay up to date with our newsletter! Freyr, the Norwegian equivalent of the […]

Tougher requirements – then many motorcycle models fimpa

A cleansing in the joint to meet the requirements. These are the results when the major motorcycle manufacturers now have to review how to meet stricter emission requirements. According to information, ten percent of the models disappear. Stay up to date with our newsletter! Just like cars, two-wheelers must meet increasingly stringent emission requirements. And […]

Sweden and Finland are now formally invited to NATO

Turkey has lifted the veto and NATO leaders are now welcoming Sweden and Finland into the defense alliance. At the same time, Turkey demands that the two countries extradite 33 people. “We have been clear in the discussions that in Sweden we follow Swedish and international law when it comes to extradition matters,” says Prime […]

Problematic to depict the heat with play

Harvests are drying up. Water is rationed. People die because of the heat. But in European media, it is not uncommon for heat waves to be imaged with images of cloudless skies, overcrowded beaches and splashing children. “It’s problematic,” says researcher Saffron O’Neill. Stay up to date with our newsletter! Harvest work was stopped after […]

Amazon presents the first fully autonomous warehouse robot

Amazon has presented the storage robot Proteus – which is the company’s first completely autonomous variant intended to work side by side with humans. Stay up to date with our newsletter! Warehouse automation has been one of the e-commerce giant Amazon’s recipes for success. Now the company has taken the technology to a new level […]