They replace the batteries in less than ten minutes

The upstart has launched what they call the world’s first modular system for battery replacement. Two of their fully automated stations now serve Uber in San Francisco. Ample claimed in 2018 that their solution that combines smart battery technology with autonomous robots had the potential to revolutionize how we charge electric vehicles. And their platform […]

Fewer engineering students despite investing in more

In 2018, the government invested heavily in getting more people to apply for engineering educations. But few colleges and universities have reached the goals, shows a review from the National Audit Office. One reason may be the low search pressure. It has now been almost three years since the government commissioned a number of universities […]

Ericsson is recruiting software developers in Linköping!

For many software developers, the opportunity to work at a global and industry-leading company is difficult to access. Now, however, the chance comes to Linköping, where Ericsson is investing heavily and recruiting a number of new software developers for its office. In addition to Ericsson as a company being both industry-leading and innovative, the Linköping […]

TwinCAT – automation development in the cloud

Beckhoff Automation will soon launch the cloud solution TwinCAT Cloud Engineering. The feature-rich addition to their well-known development tool TwinCAT will streamline automation development and facilitate collaboration between developers. The German technology company Beckhoff Automation has been designing innovative and groundbreaking automation systems since its inception in 1980. Their PC-based software tool TwinCAT has been […]