Cargo ships in operation outside Norway – towed ashore

During the night, the Norwegian Maritime Administration towed the Dutch cargo ship Eemslift Hendrika, which risked drifting ashore and ran aground in the North Sea.

In a rescue operation, rescue personnel were brought down on the ship late on Wednesday evening to attach tow ropes, and during the night the ship was towed towards Breisundet outside Ålesund, without any dramatic incidents.

On Thursday morning, it was around eight nautical miles, corresponding to about 15 kilometers, from the island of Runde outside Ålesund.

– It goes very slowly, in 2 to 2.5 knots, so it will take time before it arrives, but it looks very good. It is going the right way and according to plan, says police task leader Per Algrøy, to Bergens Tidende just before half past five.

The ship carries around 350 tonnes of oil and 50 tonnes of diesel. It suffered a major setback on Monday and the twelve crew members on board were evacuated immediately. For two days, the ship then drifted freely out to sea and threatened to run aground on a peninsula in Western Norway.


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