Bromma Airport will close in 2035

Bromma Airport will be a fossil-free airport from 2030 and five years later the airport will be closed. It is proposed in the Arlanda Inquiry, which will be presented at a press conference today.

The inquiry will submit proposals on how Bromma Airport can be closed down and how Arlanda can be developed and grow.

At a press conference, investigator Peter Norman reports on the assignment, which has been ongoing since February. Minister of Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth (S) is also present at the press conference.

Among the proposals in the inquiry is, among other things, that a state Arlanda dealer be appointed who will be a cohesive link for the municipalities in the vicinity of the airport and who will drive and coordinate the development of business and housing.

– We think it is appropriate that the governor of Stockholm is given the task of leading such negotiations, says investigator Peter Norman.

Bromma airport completely fossil-free from 2030

The inquiry also proposes that Bromma Airport should be completely fossil-free from 2030 and only allow fossil-free aircraft to take off and land there.

– It could be a showroom for fossil-free aviation, Norman says.

But the fossil-free airport is proposed to have a short lifespan.

– We propose that that period should be for five years and Bromma should be closed in 2035.

The inquiry has also looked at how to get more passengers to travel to and from Arlanda Airport in the most environmentally friendly ways. One of the proposals in that area is to make it cheaper to travel by train Arlanda Express.

– We propose to start a negotiation with A-train which aims to lower prices, says Peter Norman.


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