Boston Dynamics greets a happy new year with robot dancing

To the tunes of the soul classic Do you love me? Boston Dynamics robots invite you to dance, in what is the latest step in a spectacular and furiously rapid technological development.

Robots’ ability to mimic human movement patterns has taken astonishing strides over the past ten years. Not infrequently, Boston Dynamics has been behind the most notable advances, the secretive American company founded in 1992 as according to information has recently been sold to Hyundai for just under a billion dollars. This corresponds to just over eight billion Swedish kronor.

Now the technology company strikes again. Just in time for New Year, they have published a video where the entire palette of robot models offers a dance performance to the soul classic Do you love me? by The Contours, released on record label Motown.

We get to see two copies of the human-like robot Atlas, the dog version Spot and the wheeled Handle, which is perhaps most reminiscent of a dancing ostrich.

To get an idea of ​​how fast the development has gone, we can go back to 2013, when Atlas was first presented. It could then barely perform the most basic movements, such as parrying a temporary change in height on the treadmill or walking up stairs.

Of the three models, only Spot is still for sale, if you happen to have 75,000 dollars left over, corresponding to just over 600,000 kronor. The others are still in the prototype stage.


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