Black box found after plane crash – plunged 3,000 meters

A black box from the accident plane that plunged into the sea off Jakarta on Saturday has been found, the country’s Minister of Transport Budi Karya Sumadi announces.

Divers found the box on the seabed just off the coast. It is one of two black boxes from the plane, the other is still being looked for. The one that is still missing contains recordings from the cockpit and could, if and when it is found, perhaps provide the answer to why the plane crashed.

It is believed that the second box will be found near the first.

– We are convinced that it will be found soon, says Budi Karya Sumadi in a televised review.

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62 people, including 10 children, were on board when the Boeing plane from Indonesian Sriwijaya Air plunged 3,000 meters, seemingly inexplicably, four minutes after taking off from Jakarta on Saturday.

One of the dead has so far been identified, a man in the cabin crew who turned 29 years old. His identity was determined by the police with fingerprints.

Several dead have been found and they are being transported to the police morgue where forensic investigators are working to identify the victims.


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