Apply to the Police Authority and the Security Police’s trainee program

Do you want a socially important job, personal development and at the same time make a difference to Sweden’s security and safety?

The police authority has for several years offered trainee programs in IT with very good results. – Over the years, we have received more than forty trainees, says Anna Günther-Hanssen, deputy IT manager at the police who started the program. It has been a very successful initiative that we now want to further develop together with the Security Police. 2021 will be the first time we implement parts of the program together. We are two strong police authorities with close cooperation who see a profit in marketing ourselves together.

For the first time, the Police Authority and the Security Police are now starting a partly joint trainee program aimed at junior programmers / system developers with at least a bachelor’s degree. In total, there are about ten desirable places. Within the Security Police, more senior competencies are often recruited. Therefore, this is a completely new chance to, as a little younger, enter an exciting environment with several career opportunities.

– The competition is great so we expect to get very good candidates, says Daniel Karlsson, head of the Security Police’s IT and technology department. The selection process is extremely careful because we work with such a sensitive business. This means that you come to an authority with fantastically talented and nice colleagues. Right from the start, you will be placed in a smart, driven and professional team. Sometimes with completely unique assignments that no one else can or may perform as what we do requires legal support.

Above all expectations

Elin Lundstedt, who started the Police Authority’s trainee program in August 2020, had studied the Computer and Systems Science bachelor’s program at Stockholm University and got her eyes open for the trainee program during a lecture.

– I immediately decided to apply. The police are an exciting workplace and in combination with being able to do community service, it felt obvious. The process was quite long with a recruitment seminar, speed interview, in-depth interview and security testing. Now I have been here for three months and think it is beyond all expectations.

What is the best thing about the program?

– The best thing is that we have alternated interesting study visits and lectures with sitting and working, Elin continues. It has given good insight into the authority, I feel familiar. The trainee program is a six-month probationary period. It will be a soft start to my work tasks. I have learned a lot during the trainee period and have encountered much larger projects, more tools and more advanced code than I did during my education. In addition, I have been involved in developing functions that are included in the real system now. It feels huge!

It is important to be willing to learn new things

– Do you want to be part of a context that makes a real difference to society, work with modern technology and are given all the conditions to develop? Then you should apply for the trainee program, says Samuel Hozjan who himself started as a trainee and now works as a system developer. I was placed in a group called Mobility with another trainee. One of our first assignments was to build our own sheet metal scanner. We got to work with object detection and text reading. Performance was important so we worked a lot with optimization and testing. After that, I have been involved in developing a chat app for secure communication. We are building both a Windows client and an iOS client that is out pilot with a few thousand users now. Both clients are built natively for each platform, ie in Swift and .NET. When it comes to backend, a lot of Node.js runs in an OpenShift environment. We choose the techniques needed to meet our needs. If there is something we do not know, we will learn it. One of the most important qualities here is that you are willing to learn new things, he explains.

Trainee retrospective

– Another fun part of the trainee program is the community in the group. Every Friday, for example, you have a trainee retrospective where you talk about the week and come up with some fun activity. It is very fun, Samuel continues. We also had time to go to London to visit the Metropolitan Police and see their command center and special incident room where the police, military and fire brigade cooperate at special events. One of the trainees also had to fly a police helicopter over Stockholm, we were a little newspaper about her.

A good merit

If you are relationship-oriented, enterprising, have the ability to have a holistic view and want to become professionals in IT and IT security, it is high time to apply. Good future prospects await you who will be accepted.

– If you have worked within the Police or the Security Police, you have brought with you everything about IT security. It is an extremely good merit. You will be attractive everywhere, for any employer, concludes Daniel Karlsson and hopes for many talented applicants.

Read more about the program and apply here

Police and Security Police trainee programs

Deadline for applications 25 January 2021

Recruitment interviews start February 24, 2021

Then there are interviews, selection and security testing


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