After Ringhalsstoppet – oil heating in Karlshamn current

The shutdown of a Ringhals reactor has led to Svenska kraftnät requesting that the power producer Uniper be ready to start up the oil-fired reserve unit in Karlshamn with two hours’ notice.

It is about securing sufficient margins in the Swedish power balance, Svenska kraftnät writes in a statement on the electricity exchange Nord Pool’s site.

The announcement comes after a production stoppage in one of Ringhals reactors dragged on, which helped push up Monday’s hourly prices for electricity at Nord Pool to over SEK 3 for most of the day. These are the highest prices since the price peaks before the Christmas weekend.

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Technicians at the Ringhals nuclear power plant have this weekend located the electronic fault that triggered the quick stop in reactor 3 on Thursday. The forecast is that the reactor can be started up at midnight on Monday.

Ringhals 3 was also stopped on Wednesday night last week. The cause was then located to one of the control rods that was triggered due to a signal error. The restart began on Saturday and the reactor was back in full production on Tuesday.


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