A large proportion refuse to eat lab-grown meat in the study – too unnatural

A number of laboratories have presented farmed meat made from animal materials. But in a new study, 35 percent of carnivores were too disgusted to even taste the product.

There is frantic research on so-called slaughter-free meat and the development is progressing at a rapid pace. With stem cells from animals, Mosa Meat in the Netherlands has succeeded in growing meat in bioreactors.

After that, McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, developed a new method where the meat is grown in paper-thin sheets of living muscle and fat cells, and then allowed to grow together into larger meat flakes. And the Japanese University of Osaka has succeeded in 3D-printing Wagyu steak, with the same structure of fat, muscle and blood as the original.

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That some consumers are skeptical of the concept as a whole hardly comes as a surprise, but now one shows new study that a significant proportion can not accept the idea of ​​eating lab-grown meat.

Experiments were performed with 1,578 volunteer participants, and among the group who were vegetarians, 55 percent answered that they felt too disgusted to even taste the product. Among carnivores, 35 percent gave the same answer. It writes Science Alert.

The carnivores did not think the product was similar to the original, while the vegetarians thought it was too close to real meat. Before the questions, the participants were given an account of how the artificial meat is produced. A heavy factor for the group that misjudged the concept was the perceived feeling that the product is something that is unnatural.